Our most substantial film is ‘Pipe Dreams’ an eight minute journey of doubtful sanity made in 2004.


Cleanliness is a trap, dirt sets us free. Through desperation our traveller is guided by the pipe people through a secret hidden network to the grail of grime itself. On the way he encounters the depths of human despair manifest in a fish slice.

Here are a few stills from the film. It ‘starred’ Hughie Brennan and Sean Morrissey.

This is our latest project. It started as an idea for a cartoon but as we don’t have the resources to do a cartoon, and neither of us can draw, we’re doing it as a kind of radio play thing.

The first episode we’ve treated as a pilot. Hughie did all, repeat ALL the voices [coz I’m crap at voices and he’s very good at them. I contributed some squelchy noises]. It features music by Dogsweat and Djang and lots of strange, suggestive sounds.

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Hughie did a wonderful bunch of voices and creating the soundtrack was a great laugh.


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The Adventures

An animation for your ears

Episode 1: Steele Balls

-past projects-

A trailer advertising Daniel I. Russell’s novella
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An intergalactic message from the creature know as Noog to a troublesome mother. Will she heed his warning?

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cover designs:

michael kay


artwork of
dave fairbrother-roe [isle of wight festivals, anne mccaffrey]

short films and stuff

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