I always have trouble writing bios so I thought, by way of trying to show who I am, I'd put some of my frustrated attempts here:


Michael Kay . . .


 . . . is attempting to be a writer.


 . . . believes he was destined to be Trotsky but somehow the timelines and DNA got mixed up and some Russian got the job. It is, nonetheless, his ambition to be ice picked in the head. Until that day he’ll keep writing stories. After that day it may be more difficult.


 . . . lives in what he likes to call “A House”. This is in a street with other houses. The natives are strange sorts called “Humans”, but he doesn’t mix much with them. Every so often gnomes visit him and stay for tea, but this usually ends in an argument and the inevitable axe-led blood shedding. Then he has to tidy up. Bloody gnomes.


Yes, well . . . More info . . . 


After studying Biology in Liverpool I took to writing mainly because Clive Barker and Philip K. Dick had totally bewitched me. P.K.D.'s short story collections accompanied me on many train journeys. And Clive, what can you say about Clive? His was the first fiction I read of my own free will and I've been in love with it ever since.

Anyway. A big milestone for me was finding the East of the Web short story forum, which meant, for the first time, my stuff was being read by impartial others, an incredible boost. Since finding the site and making some dear friends I've had my first publication, and written much more than I think I would have otherwise.

Unfortunately EotW had to close in March 2006.

However the Decimate Anthology, released Nov 2006, collects dark stories from eight EotW authors, thus preserving the place . . . sort of . . . a bit . . .

Lately film making has overtaken writing in terms of output. Check out my dabbles in the Leatherpie films section.

And so he shows his mug. Avert thine eyes!

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